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Canada’s New England


Left Yarmouth day before yesterday, really liking it although a bit touristy …

Hello New Brunswick

I have to admit a large degree of ignorance around all the Atlantic Provinces, not entirely sure what they were, let alone where they were.

I did know about the ports of St John and Halifax and I knew the urban myth about a couple going to Sydney Australia, who ended up in Sydney Nova Scotia by mistake.

And I had a few images of that film with Judy Dench, the Shipping News, which gave the romantic impression of this very bleak but beautiful country – which may turn out to be true.


On the Road Proper

Arrived in Bathurst, New Brunswick this evening, hitting a new time zone I hadn’t heard of before, Atlantic time, after a whopping eleven hour drive up from Quebec, straight after a ten hour drive I did the day before from Toronto up to Drummondville, just outside Montreal.