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Hi – This is a travel blog about Canada I did a few years ago, which I am hoping to re-activate in the very near future !

Thought I’d just explain that I’ve imported two other blogs into this one, one from Typepad and one from Blogware, and whilst it sort of works, it needs some editing to make it look slightly less dysfunctional.

I did two separate trips to Canada, one in June/July 2007, from Vancouver up to Alaska and back, and the other in August 2008 from Toronto up to the Maritimes : New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

I’ll be adding another site in due course where I’ll upload most of the photos I took on both trips.

Any thoughts, comments etc -please contact me here, dominic(at) or visit my main site, your travel life …..



Thoughts From The Road2

Am conscious that this is somewhat self indulgent, but as I’m largely writing it for my own benefit, I tend to think that’s ok !

I thought I was going to have to cheat a bit and do this when I got back to England, but owing to some remarkable efficiency, I’m currently sitting in Pearson Airport, with about two and a half hours till I fly, so will take advantage.

And Finally …….


Passed loads of really great signs for roads, villages, creeks etc but wasn’t able to stop and photograph them all ..

Niagara by Day


Almost loathe to write anything, just put a load of photos up, but …

Vermont in the Fall


It is now technically ‘the fall’ something to do with equinox’s apparently !

Canada’s New England


Left Yarmouth day before yesterday, really liking it although a bit touristy …

Its a Tough Old Life …


Didn’t get to Fundy proper, will do that tomorrow, got stuck looking at views like this and….

Halifax and Beyond


Spent the last few days in Halifax, which I really liked.

From One Beautiful Place to Another


Left St Johns fairly early Wednesday morning and did all day drive over to a tiny little town called Stephenville, about two hours away from the ferry.

Thoughts from the Road1


True East



Viking Trail 2


Made a decision to head back south, rather than spend a couple of days up there – there didn’t seem a huge point in hanging around – I thought I’d rather get to St John’s and spend time there instead.

It did mean not going to Labrador, but I sort of felt I’d just be going for the sake of it, and maybe its one of those areas that needs a trip in itself !

The Viking Trail That Wasn’t !


Must admit, I fell into the tourist trap a bit of thinking there was a viking experience to be had by following the trail, and whilst it turned out to be very vikingless, there was some breathtaking land that made it very special.

Who Am I or Rather Where Am I ?


Beautiful NewFoundland, that’s where

Hi and Welcome


Hi and thanks for visiting the site

Where Sydney meets New Jersey meets Scotland

Woke up this morning to find this monster outside my bedroom window, well almost.


Hello Nova Scotia


Am in Sydney Nova Scotia, as opposed to Sydney Australia, which I think is where I would rather be at this point in time, though actually its still their winter, so maybe not – very wet, very very foggy and misty, but very beautiful in its own charming way.

Hello New Brunswick

I have to admit a large degree of ignorance around all the Atlantic Provinces, not entirely sure what they were, let alone where they were.

I did know about the ports of St John and Halifax and I knew the urban myth about a couple going to Sydney Australia, who ended up in Sydney Nova Scotia by mistake.

And I had a few images of that film with Judy Dench, the Shipping News, which gave the romantic impression of this very bleak but beautiful country – which may turn out to be true.


On the Road Proper

Arrived in Bathurst, New Brunswick this evening, hitting a new time zone I hadn’t heard of before, Atlantic time, after a whopping eleven hour drive up from Quebec, straight after a ten hour drive I did the day before from Toronto up to Drummondville, just outside Montreal.

Back to Canada !

Arrived Pearson Airport, Toronto Wednesday evening, having flown again with Air Transat, who seem pretty good – although amazingly enough the plane didn’t have any screens in the back of the seats + don’t eat the pizza !

Meant I spent most of the flight either sleeping or talking to a very chatty Canadian next to me + flight went fairly quickly and back in beloved Canada, more Travelodge and SUV …